Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I miss my parents! I've realized (more so this year than last year) that parents are so great! They are the greatest thing in the world ('s a toss up between them and chocolate ice-cream haha just kidding). I definitely missed them last year, but last year I had the Cannon Center (which made it so I didn't have to cook), I had Eric and Meg (Meg being my go to person for advice), and I was always in good health. Granted, I did do my own laundry, but I've been doing that since high school. Tis not so this year. I need to cook for my one-zie, still need to do laundry except this year it's WAY over-priced, I don't have an older go-to girl (Emily just HAS to be in Ukraine and Eric and Meg just HAD to move), and this week has been not so good as far as health goes. I don't think it's too serious, but I'm having a lot of symptoms of swine flu. Even if I did have swine flu, it's a very very mild case, and I should be well in a couple of days. I told Mom that it wasn't fun being away from them. Where else am I going to get a 24-hour on demand pharmacist and a 24-hour mom/nurse/someone to hold me when I need to be held person...NOT HERE! I guess this is where a boyfriend would come in handy, but considering I'm not dating anyone, that went out the window in...mmmmm....2 seconds. Needless to say, I miss my parents. I miss dad and all of his knowledge and wisdom about drugs (legal that is), and I miss mom and her compassionate heart. I know I sound like a 5-year-old and I'm being a big baby about being sick, but it made me realize how much I miss mama and papa bear. Granted, I do have excellent roommates who always inquire after my health, and an excellent Elder's Quorum President and Relief Society Secratary who brought me some herbal tea and cookies. Not to mention my brother Stephen and friend Patrick who willingly gave me a priesthood blessing. Ok, so life isn't that bad, in fact it's excellent! BUT, I still miss Mom and Dad and look forward to seeing them in T-minus 10 days!


  1. you can always come visit! or call. or email. or instant message. really, what's your excuse?

    love you!

  2. Dearest Bekah,

    You do know that I literally am 4 steps away from your room right?(Don't worry...I walked it out and it really is 4) I am definitely not your mother, although i wish i was as awesome as she is. But you know that you can ask me for anything as you are lying on your death bed. I will come to your rescue. Unfortunately I am not your Elders Quorem President or Relief Society secretary...but how I wish i was right now because they made some BOMB cookies...if only I had that talent. We all know how my cookies turn out...not so bomb. Well i love you. Get well soon! I will see you in mmmm t-minus 7 hours? yeah...that sounds about right.