Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I was opened up to a new world today!

So, my friend Cebre and I had a pretty funny experience today. We are pretty much the same person...she goes to BYU, is in Math Education, loves singing, and is straight-up dork :) We spend our lives in the Math-lab (others refer to it in more vulgar terms hahaha), and while in the math lab, you meet a lot of...interesting people. Now what I'm about to say should not offend those in engineering, math, math-ed, or any other major that requires upper-level math classes. For the most part, people in the math lab (whether they be TA's or students) are pretty normal with a few weirdies mixed in. Today, Cebs and I decided to go to the Tanner building to each lunch, and we ended up doing our homework in there. While sitting a table, we had some people come and go, looking all dressed up in their business attire, and the shocker was they actually talked to us like normal human beings--not a hint of awkwardness or hesitation. Cebre and I would just sit there laughing because 1) We could definitely see a difference between those in the math-lab and those in the tanner building (awkward vs. charismatic, etc. etc. etc.), and 2) We felt completely out of place because we were not dressed up at all and everyone else was. I leaned over and told Cebre that I wanted to start being more of a people person and start dressing up more. I could never major in accounting or business, but I like the people that do major in that kind of stuff...they dress nice and aren't awkward--great combo! I want to reform the math-lab...from now on we could dress up in business suits and ties or skirts and heels, and we actually talk to each other (in a very NON-awkward way)...naaaw...I'm still a nerd through and through...I just now need to come to accept the fact that as a teacher I will have to wear apple sweaters and pants that are too big for me :) Just kidding! While it was a fun and new experience, I'll stick to my awkward buddies and the organized chaos of the math lab!

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