Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An update on my life!

Holy cow! I sitting here with my roommate, Julie, and told her that I haven't blogged for about...ummmm...7 months. Ok, time to update my life! Winter semester turned out to be an epic survival of math classes and 15 ridiculous credits! I'm so glad to have that over! This summer was wonderful! I started up some independent study classes, hung out with my mom, worked, and hung out every night with Nick, Nate, Andrea, Scott, Matt, and other people from singles ward. All we did was watch movies, play scum, maybe get out of the house, but for the most part, we were lazy slackers! It was such a great summer. The only thing I wish I could've changed is that Meg and Eric moved down to Arizona, so now it's just me and Stephen and Brent in Utah...which is good, but football games aren't the same with Meg and Eric--I miss you both! Ok, this Fall, is freaking sweet! My classes are going very well, and keeping me very busy. I love all my roommates (Julie, Nikki, Andrea, Lindsay, and Patricia). We love apartment 99, and we're a very social apartment. I love my ward, especially my FHE family, and I feel like everyone gets along very well. I especially love the girls in my ward, and think they are all wonderful and beautiful :) Yes ladies and gentlemen, life is good, and I'm loving life right now! I'll try to be a little better about updating my life!


  1. i'm excited for yet another way to stalk you, my dear :)

  2. I didn't even know you have a blog! I like it