Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh school...

Oh my heck! I never knew my life would be so dang busy! First of all, school started on Monday, which was fine, but holy cow my schedule is busy. I am only in 14 credits, but I'm also working as a TA 15 hours a week, which isn't bad, but it is definitely time-consuming. I kind of feel like more of a role of a teacher than a TA. The professor teaches and answers questions and only has 1 office hour a day. I answer homework questions, grade homework, grade daily quizzes, grade weekly reading assignments, and deal with all the complaints, frustrations, worries, and sometimes pain and sorrow that comes with learning calculus. Yes, I feel like I'm being well-prepared to become a teacher. I was also going to do some undergraduate research with a professor, but that would bump my work schedule up to 20 hours a week...and considering I'm taking a couple courses for my major this semester, I decided 15 was my max amount of working per week this semester. My classes are all very interesting (even English 316 if you can believe that haha) and I'm shooting for at least a 3.5 this semester. As for Grant and I, well, he's just as busy as me. He works about 8-10 hours a week at hogi yogi and is taking 16 credits this fall...2 of those classes being accounting and calculus (he's definitely a smart boy!) With all that in mind, we don't really get to just hang out with each other and have fun. This whole week we've been at the library or gym together, which has been nice, but we don't really get to just hae fun...which is why I'm excited for tonight! After he gets off work we're going to cook dinner, make some pop corn, watch a movie, and play some card games, and tomorrow we get to go to the football game! Unfortunately we have to hold off on engagement pictures since our photographer had an unexpected surgery (Anna, I hope you feel better!) Engagements will come in a couple weeks! Life seems to always be busy, and once you think you can take a break it gets busier. Grant and I have been called to be Sunday School teachers, so that will be fun since we both love teaching :) I'll keep you updated on wedding plans as well!


  1. yay you're finally updating! nice to know what's going on :o) and life is always busy, it just changes from school and homework to diapers and errands before you know it...

  2. I loved busy college life, althought it is stressful and never ending, it felt so purposeful and more instantly fullfilling compared to motherhood.
    Although you and Grant don't get to do many "fun" things together, isn't is wonderful to have someone to go to the gym with, study with, eat meals with and search campus for to spend your few free minutes with? I loved when Reed and I were in school together. Just us, best friends working through school together.
    I'm loving the updates, but still not a picture...don't you have a camera?...

  3. Here's the problem, I have the camera, and it's wonderful and I take pictures, but I don't know how to put them on my blog...nor do I have time to figure it out hahaha

  4. Bek.... next time I'm over I'll show you how to do it... it's super easy and then you will love putting pictures up here!
    Love you!

  5. i just read this... thanks for the well wishes!
    i am so glad we were able to get your photos done and am loving the way they turned out (and i hope you are too!) i'll continue to work on them as time allows!
    so excited for you and all of your fun plans! love you!