Thursday, September 23, 2010

I want my mommy!

I've been hearing and reading all about how pampered Meg has been this past week (granted she did just have a baby...) but, planning a wedding,working, giving's all the same, right? ;) You know what though, life is good. I'm going home in 3 weeks to get my dress fitted, have a marvelous bridal shower with loved ones, and spend time with mama-bear. Then in 4 weeks, I will go through the temple, and in 8 weeks I'm going to wed the love of my life! Life is good, it's busy, it's crazy, sometimes it makes me want to smile and other times it makes me want to cry...right now I just want my mommy! I miss laughing with her, talking to her, being a dork with her, and I won't dinner every night is draining (however Grant cooks 1/2 the time so I can't really complain in that department haha). Needless to say mom, I'm looking forward to seeing you in 3 weeks. Might I add I haven't seen my sister April since August, so that'll be exciting to see her! I haven't seen Meg in heaven knows how long (has it really been since January?!) so if her and Eric could come up for me taking out my endowments that would be great! I'm happy to have Carliss and Emily close, and I still have my wonderful soul sisters Jules, Nik, Cebs, Emily, and Linds. As good as all these women are, a mother can do things no one else can. Mom, I miss your face and I'm excited to see you!
Your favorite daughter (biologically that is :) )

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  1. I miss you too Bek! My life seems to be speeding right past me, so it won't be long before I see you.:)