Saturday, August 28, 2010

Last week of freedom!

Alright, due to my sister, April, saying "I'll believe you'll update more when I see it..." well...I couldn't let her down. If you know me well you know that if someone challenges me I will willingly accept and fulfill that challenge :) So, this past week has been wonderful and crazy all at the same's a break down!
Monday: I finished getting moved in with the help of my excellent mother! She was such a champ! We bought the temple topper for mine and Grant's wedding cake, and went grocery shopping, and ran all over kingdom come! I loved hanging out with my mom and I am definitely looking forward to October 21st when she flies over here :)
Tuesday: Mama left (sad day!) and I had training for New Student Orientation since I was a leader this year. Afterwards I went to the gym with Lindsay Despain (love ya girly!) ate dinner, and got all prettied up because the love of MY LIFE was coming back that night from St. George. I drove up with Grant and Carly to Logan to drop Carly off, and then I drove back while Grant slept (poor kid...a week a lake powell and then a few days with his family and getting no sleep will really suck it outta ya!)
Wednesday: Grant and I did everything together! I actually got a really sweet text from him that morning that said "Hey come over to my apartment--I'm cooking you breakfast." What a stud! We went to the bookstore, got our books, went to the gym, did some other stuff...but the most important thing we did that day was go to the temple. Lately my mom has been doing a lot of geneology work for my recently deceased grandmother's line. One of the names was my grandmother's step grandmother--Alma (her last name is German...starts with a B. Anyways, it was amazing being there in the temple. Grant baptized me and confirmed me, so it was a very neat experience and I felt very close to the spirit.
Thursday: This was the first day of New Student Orientation! It was a lot of fun to run around with the freshman and show them what being a Cougar is all about :) I taught them the fight song, went to a few exhibits, and then that night hung out with Grant.
Friday: I didn't end up going to NSO...I wasn't feeling good the whole day and my partner was fine without me--it all worked out.
Saturday: Today was a good day! We finally got our air-conditioning fixed (it's been a freaking sauna in our apartment!), I went to the gym, ran a few errands, opened up a new bank account, and....drum roll please...LINDSAY TAUGHT ME HOW TO DRIVE A STICK! WOOT WOOT! She's an excellent teacher. My friend Nate tried to teach me last summer and he was not a very patient teacher...Lindsay was great! I got it down pretty quick thanks to her mad skills :)
Well, school starts Monday and I'm actually excited! It'll be nice to be back in the Math lab and library so much and get back to a set schedule :)

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