Monday, September 27, 2010

Answered Prayer

GRANT AND I FOUND AN APARTMENT! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It is at 194 N 400 E and it's a cute little building with 6 apartments in it. It is a European style apartment with tons of storage space. You walk in and it has 4 long windows in the living room, then there's a front closet, and a bathroom off to the left, and then past that is the kitchen then the bedroom--it's seriously so great! It's going to be a lot of fun to decorate! Now, the real perks. It's 450 a month and the most the previous tenants have paid for utilities is 20 bucks a month! The only utilities we pay is electric. Did I mention it comes with a stove and fridge? Also, WE'RE IN STEPHEN AND EMILY'S WARD! This will be so fun! The real miracle is that the girl who was showing it was going to have an open house from 5-8 pm tonight...Grant and I got there at 4:55 PM, we saw it, we liked it, we made her an offer, she accepted, and about 2 minutes later some more people knocked and she said "sorry, it's already been sold." She told us there were about 40 people stopping by to look at it tonight, and we were the first ones there! This is the end of a long couple months of apartment searching, and Grant and I both love this apartment. We'll be sure to put up pictures after we get married and move in :) :) :)
Moral of the story: Keep praying, have faith, do your part, and Heavenly Father will help you find an apartment that you love that is within your budget.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I want my mommy!

I've been hearing and reading all about how pampered Meg has been this past week (granted she did just have a baby...) but, planning a wedding,working, giving's all the same, right? ;) You know what though, life is good. I'm going home in 3 weeks to get my dress fitted, have a marvelous bridal shower with loved ones, and spend time with mama-bear. Then in 4 weeks, I will go through the temple, and in 8 weeks I'm going to wed the love of my life! Life is good, it's busy, it's crazy, sometimes it makes me want to smile and other times it makes me want to cry...right now I just want my mommy! I miss laughing with her, talking to her, being a dork with her, and I won't dinner every night is draining (however Grant cooks 1/2 the time so I can't really complain in that department haha). Needless to say mom, I'm looking forward to seeing you in 3 weeks. Might I add I haven't seen my sister April since August, so that'll be exciting to see her! I haven't seen Meg in heaven knows how long (has it really been since January?!) so if her and Eric could come up for me taking out my endowments that would be great! I'm happy to have Carliss and Emily close, and I still have my wonderful soul sisters Jules, Nik, Cebs, Emily, and Linds. As good as all these women are, a mother can do things no one else can. Mom, I miss your face and I'm excited to see you!
Your favorite daughter (biologically that is :) )

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wedding Plans!

AHHHHHH!!! MY WEDDING IS IN 75 DAYS AND COUNTING! Oh my dear freaking goodness, there is much to be done! I still need to take engagements, order and send out invites, and order bridesmaid dresses--hijole! I'm starting to get so excited and it's starting to feel REAL! Mom and I looked at invitations today and she put together a draft of what the invite looks like...I'm so excited! It'll be so classy :) I know my mom is going above and beyond her call of duty as the mother of the bride and she's just freaking superwoman. I'll keep you posted on the engagements, invites, and 47 more days till I take my out endowments :) :) :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh school...

Oh my heck! I never knew my life would be so dang busy! First of all, school started on Monday, which was fine, but holy cow my schedule is busy. I am only in 14 credits, but I'm also working as a TA 15 hours a week, which isn't bad, but it is definitely time-consuming. I kind of feel like more of a role of a teacher than a TA. The professor teaches and answers questions and only has 1 office hour a day. I answer homework questions, grade homework, grade daily quizzes, grade weekly reading assignments, and deal with all the complaints, frustrations, worries, and sometimes pain and sorrow that comes with learning calculus. Yes, I feel like I'm being well-prepared to become a teacher. I was also going to do some undergraduate research with a professor, but that would bump my work schedule up to 20 hours a week...and considering I'm taking a couple courses for my major this semester, I decided 15 was my max amount of working per week this semester. My classes are all very interesting (even English 316 if you can believe that haha) and I'm shooting for at least a 3.5 this semester. As for Grant and I, well, he's just as busy as me. He works about 8-10 hours a week at hogi yogi and is taking 16 credits this fall...2 of those classes being accounting and calculus (he's definitely a smart boy!) With all that in mind, we don't really get to just hang out with each other and have fun. This whole week we've been at the library or gym together, which has been nice, but we don't really get to just hae fun...which is why I'm excited for tonight! After he gets off work we're going to cook dinner, make some pop corn, watch a movie, and play some card games, and tomorrow we get to go to the football game! Unfortunately we have to hold off on engagement pictures since our photographer had an unexpected surgery (Anna, I hope you feel better!) Engagements will come in a couple weeks! Life seems to always be busy, and once you think you can take a break it gets busier. Grant and I have been called to be Sunday School teachers, so that will be fun since we both love teaching :) I'll keep you updated on wedding plans as well!