Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Age differences

No, this isn't about the age difference between most married couples, those dating, or even the student population at BYU...I'm talking about the difference between a 5 year old girl who runs up and down halls screaming, and that same 19 year old girl who spends 10 hours on campus doing homework, going to classes, and giving service to the BYU community. Some of you might be thinking, how is this possible? If any of you have lived in the dorms, you know EXACTLY how this is possible. Now, I will admit, there are those nights when I just HAVE to scream out of excitement, or go bang on my friends' doors telling them about my amazing night, but when it is a daily(or should I say nightly) occurance, it gets a little old. I love the girls on my floor with all of my being(HAHA!), but the random outbursts every night could be toned down a little bit. For those of you who've been to college, please please PLEASE say that the apartment gets a little better!


  1. oh it does! I remember that is one of the reasons I hated living on the same floor as 40 other girls, just too loud at 3 in the morning. Next year will be much better and you will have more control over the late nights.

  2. much much better. but i missed some of those crazy times--in the dorms there is always at least someone else up in the middle of the night if you want to talk or walk or play.

    apartments are much more civilized :o)