Friday, October 8, 2010

Marriage License

So, I called the Denver Temple a couple months ago to see where Grant and I had to get our license from: Was it the place where we got married or the place where we'll be living? I had heard both, so I called the temple to check. I talked to nice old lady who's brain apparently is slowing down, because she said that we could get a UTAH wedding license. That didn't sound quite right but she double checked and said yep, it's good.
Well, yesterday, I had the impression to call the temple again just to make sure. Ya...Utah license definitely WON'T WORK! I found out that not only does it have to be from Colorado, but it also expires after 30 days which means I can't get it next weekend when I go home...AH! They have an absentee application but at least one of us has to be present in person to receive it.
What were we going to do?! Fly home randomly to get a license? Miss the Friday before thanksgiving when we're already missing Monday and Tuesday?! I had no idea what to do, but then mom had the idea to just drive to Grand Junction to get it. So, that's what we'll do.
I'm just frustrated that I couldn't have planned for this before-hand, but what can you do? I should have checked with the state of colorado, but live and learn I guess.
Wouldn't that have been awful to show up the day of our wedding with the wrong license and we couldn't get married?! THAT WOULD BE HORRIBLE! I'm glad we figured this out now and not the morning of our wedding :)

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  1. Whew!~ Bless those sweet ladies in the temple. When Meg was in the dressing room trying to put on her wedding dress at the Bountiful temple, the lady wouldn't let me go back there and help her. She said, "You might accidentally get dressed for an endowment session." Your mom said, "I think we know why we're here." (please!)