Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An update on my life :)

Alright, so the end of Fall semester was a beautiful thing! My grades turned out much better than I expected, and Christmas break was wonderful!
I was a hermit this break, which isn't normal. I mostly hung out with my family members and saw a couple close family friends, but other than that I watched football...lots and lots of football.
So, then I came back for round 2 of my second year at college. I'm definitely very busy right now, but I love it! I'm taking Math Education 218 (Task and Design for teaching Math), Math 371 (another number theory class), New Testament (The first half), Secondary Education 350 (Adolescent Development), Secondary Education 353 (Multi-cultural education), and CPSE 402 (Teaching students with disabilities). I think my favorite class so far is my Adolescent Development class. I find it really interesting how the body works, and how hormones change and what environmental and genetic impacts can have on development. It's way interesting, and I've enjoyed being able to look back on my own adolescence to see where I fit in.
Alright, time to share some good news. I am getting another sister in law in T-MINUS 3 DAYS! That means I get 3 beautiful and sweet girls to call my sisters. I am also going to be an aunt again in the summer...2 times actually! Both Megan and April are pregger, so my family is definitely growing. Another piece of good news, I have a job this semester! I'm working as a TA for Math 314 (Multi-variable calculus) and I absolutely love it. I don't know how well I'm doing, but I'm definitely trying my best. AND..........last but certainly not least bit of good news...Elder Crowther has 16 more weeks left :) :) :) :) Not that I'm excited about that or anything :) For those who are wondering how he's doing, he's doing excellent! He is working like none-other, and is definitely learning a lot. He's a wonderful example to me :) This semester is going to be excellent!